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Enrolment Process

There are several enrolments options for students with a disability. Students with a confirmed disability may be enrolled in any one of the following:

- regular classes (subject to standard enrolment procedures)
- support classes in regular schools (subject to placement panel procedures)
- special schools (subject to placement panel procedures).

The School Principal at your local mainstream school, in consultation with the school's Learning and Support Team, will assist you to find the right schooling option for your child, taking into account your choice, your child's specific additional learning and support needs and proximity to local specialist services.

After making an appointment with the principal at your local mainstream school, gather your child's recent medical assessments to take to this meeting. 

When a child is enrolled in a support class or a special school this process is known as a placement panel.

If you have any questions please contact Strathfield Education Office on 131 536 or phone Lucas Gardens School on 9744 6461.

Please find below a useful guide for getting ready for school for parents of a chid with a disability.

Getting Ready for School - A Guide for Parents of a Child with a Disability.pdf